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Do you know Crémant d"Alsace ?

invinoveritasThe wine review In Vino Veritas presents Crémant d"Alsace the unknown sparkling wine and a selection of the best Crémant of the region. "250 000 bottles are produced yearly in Alsace and the types are very different because of the variety of the grappes (riesling, pinot gris, chardonnay , auxerrois, pinot noir and pinot blanc). Most of the wines are Blanc de Blanc sometimes round, sometimes very dry. Every wine amateur will find his Crémant ! The 2nd reason of this large variety is the complexity of alsatian  terroir even if the lime stone clay terroir, close to the Champagne type are prefered. And third reason: the winegrowers... not all wine estate which propose some crémant make it themselve often because they don't have enough space or vineyards for this wine, also the production rules are very strict. And there are 1001 possibilities to consider terroir and vineyards, the more industrial way, the traditionnal one... The tasting shows that the quality is highly increasing also because some winegrowers like Dopff  «Au Moulin» and Muré, did a lot for the quality of Alsace crémant.  Our selection tries to show all this richness and diversity of Alsace wine region.

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Cremant without sulfites noted by Vino Veritas

cremant_ss"A real unusual bottle at this organic and biodynamic domaine. An expressif terroir, 40 years old vinestocks of pinot blanc and auxerrois, mostly on sand and limon soils. After the first fermentation the wine stays on fine lies until end of april and after 18 months "sur lattes". Nos sulfites are added during the harvest, fermenting, dégorgement.  3 gramm dosage for the final touch.
A fine light gold colour for this wine with very fine bubbles, a nice vivacity and generous creme.  At the nose you will find the typicité of the fermentation but soon the flowers, grapefruit and pear tastes arrive and the constant mineralité of the taste give a good balance to this crémant. Long caudalies during the tasting, haselnuts and lime tree. This wine will enjoy the palate of real amateurs", sorry for the translation... not so good as the wine

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And wine courses with Saint Pathie

This saint is not very wellknow... but a really happy felow enjoying life and good meals. For an anniversary or business meeting, a friend come together or family trip, think about the combination wine tasting and cooking lesson. You will try some unusual receipes, picking wild herbs in the vineyards or on the cellar roof, bring them to organic and spicy combinations with the expert help of Chef Clarisse Zenner. All needs to be cooked and meanwhile you will visit the estate, the cellar, taste some wines...after you go to have apéritif, main course and desert with the best food pairing.  It seems that these guests enjoyed the time here

sympathie_14 sympathie_13



sympathie_17 sympathie_18

Embotteling and vineyard work

July 16 th and 17 th: second and last embotteling for the vintage 2011, these are 2 leaf days in the biodynamic planing 2012. Pinot noir Klur, grands crus riesling and pinot gris, also gewurztraminer Klur are now ready for labeling. A lot to do in the wine cellar a few days before embotteling and the same in the vineyards because the leaves and grass growed quickly even if june was not very warm. A hail storm damage on a few vineyards but not too strong as you see it on the picture below. There is some illness, mildiou and oïdium but very local and we bring air and sun to the grappes actually. It will probably be a vintage with a small quantity of grappes: rain and coldness during the flowering. At the moment the weather is hot and dry, we have to be patient...


grele raisinjuill2012
tonneauPN tonneau bout2012

Swimming pond and natural garden


chaislo3  jardinchaislo     
piscine_g salon baigneurs_ch  


chaise2 piquenique  

Your family will have to choose between the sandy play box or the natural trail, perhaps the swimming pond ? you will sit in a confortable deckchair near to the water or under the peach trees, watching the swallows who take the pool as a giant glass of water, or the dragonflies on the biotope. The garden of the Klur wine estate invites you since this summer 2012 for a relaxing afternoon. In the evening think about a BBQ and a glass of pinot noir and have a look on the castle Wineck surrounded by the grand cru area... just a dream ? .... réservez ! book now !

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