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Organic and biodynamic farming is not only about vines and wines. Discovering a more global way to do it is the deal of our workshops, tastings and wine adventure offers, have a look at the reports and book one yourselves

Wine and flavours at Klur

We'd like to wish you a happy Easter and invite you to enjoy the first days of spring to taste all this tasty herbs which you can find in the nature now and which clean your organism at the end of this winter.Think of nettle,  sorrel, dandelion, bear's garlic soon, light herb teas, wood energy.
Yesterday, we were pleased to welcome the family S
chwab, gathered at the Blue House with parents, grantparents, for a a wine tasting, followed with an organic buffet, made by Clarisse Zenner des Oiseaux Rares. If you feel lilke tasting it, or if you are organizing a journey at Klur, click on "More"

tablebouteille.jpgA nice spring table in front of a chimney fire, and an organic buffet, neatly made by Clarisse Zenner, have enjoyed our guests for one morning. The visit of the wine-estate, of the crémant cellar, of the press,  the explications about the grand cru Wineck Schlossberg, the willow-based treatments, and a a few glasses of wine in the middle of the tuns, have wheted the appetite. Season salads, grilled tofu, meatballs, cheese, chutney and conserve from the Oiseaux Rares (rhubarb, nette, bear's garlic...), bread, wine and grape juce, organic of course, and at last, a special desert (being made on the picture) with a marc de gewurztraminer, have enjoyed the family Schwab. The parents seem to be happy !


Wine and organic sweetmeats

A group of winegrowers and friends of winegrowers from Switzerland, next to the lake of Zurich, went on a trip in Alsace. They could taste the flavours and the talent of Clarisse Zenner, les Oiseaux Rares. Share this moment with photos and commentaries... click on "More"...

"Nous tenons à vous remercier encore très chaleureusement pour l'accueil très sympathique sur votre domaine viticole. Tous les participants ont gardé un excellent souvenir de cette visite et plus particulièrement du moment festif autour des préparations de Clarisse. Encore un grand merci. Nous sommes bien rentrés, n'avons eu aucun soucis à la douane et vous souhaitons beaucoup de succès pour la saison à venir " 

"We want to thank you for the nice welcome, all the participant have a nice souvenir, and particulary they won't forget the Clarisse's preparation...."
The photo report:
Les "Zenner sisters" are bustling about preparing the meal, the table is ready, 

An ideal evening

tablebouteille.jpgAfter a Saint-Médard wine-tasting which combines our wines and the terroirs expression, it's difficult to take the wheel...but we have our grape-picker room with the small courtyard which is always available for our guests. The discover of organic wines was been completed with organic products from farmers from the Kaysersberg valley. This family from Ludwigsburg, and his friends, in Alsace for a few days, have enjoyed it, and a taxi has taken them back to their hotel. Think of it for your next jaunt: "Uns und unseren Freunden hat es super gut gefallen bei Ihnen. Die Weinprobe mit wirklich toll, sehr guten Weinen in lockerer Atmosphäre war einfach perfekt. Der gemütliche Garten und das tolle Wetter haben ebenso dazu beigetragen. Wir acht hatten wirklich sehr viel Spaß! Bitte weiter so!!! Beste Grüße auch an Clarisse aus. Ihr Buffet war sehr lecker und wir hatten einen gemütlichen Abend! Viele Grüße aus Ludwigsburg nach Katzenthal"

Wild plants, organic vineyards and tastings

A very hot afternoon for this walk from the wine estate in the village to the Wineck Schlossberg Grand Cru hill... Gérard Verret from Jardin Gourmand the specialist of wild plants and their transformation into tastefull dishes, gave a lot of informations about wild plants to the group. It was not easy to find some "eatable" plants in this summer begining because a few plants where still to old and not tasty at all. Wild carotts, plantain and this very strange 'Eglantier des Vignes" discovered by Gérard....read more.http://www.bioklur.net/plugins/editors/jce/tiny_mce/plugins/article/img/readmore.gif); color: rgb(63, 63, 63); font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: normal; word-spacing: 0px;">Finaly we found some flowers of wild leek, flowers of clover, the magic herb of St  John (mid summer traditions), origan and young wine leaves. This walk was also a perfect time to explain the climate of the vineyards, the suffering of the vinestocks, the terroir. We put the plants  in a big bag and took the way home. At least we found some more plants on the grass roof of our wine cellar. This was enough for a little lunch made with bread, butter, crème fraiche, fresch goat cheese and differents plants....You can see also the tofu peaces in the wine leaves, a delicate apetizer to taste with a fruity and dry muscat d'Alsace. We tasted the other "tartines" with riesling, gewurztraminer and crémant and everybody was so hungry and thursty that I had no time to take pictures from the tasting....you have to come and see by yourself !

gerardgrpe.jpg   gerardtable.jpg gerardvignes.jpg

The Kastberg group from Varberg

dsc02554.jpgA group of ten wine lovers from Varberg Sweden came to Alsace and Katzenthal end of August. A photo taken "from the air" ??? we are waiting for your picture....

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