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Organic and biodynamic farming is not only about vines and wines. Discovering a more global way to do it is the deal of our workshops, tastings and wine adventure offers, have a look at the reports and book one yourselves

The New Waver: sustainable Klur wine estate

newwaver.jpg3 times a year: some news about french culture and society trends. The third edition deals about sustainable tourism and presents a few compagnies, architecture, design, fashion, art, tourism who choose a different way of production or life, all are very involved in organic or environmental choices.  "Sleeping green" reports about small Vignoble Klur,togther with l'Hotel La Perouse in Nante and the big groupe Accor. About Vignoble Klur New Waver notes that way of welcome and organic place to stay, the services for the guests and the various actions of the compagny towards development in Senegal and local associations.


Enotourismo ecologico

imgad.jpegHere we are on the brazilian journalist Rogerio Reboucas  blog about wine and wine holidays on the alsacian wine road and particulary at Klur Clément wine estate. We would be pleased to welcome brazilian guests to make them discover regional flavours within our tasty holiday, and for these who read portuguese, connect you at Rogerio.


Dominic France, the cool atmosphere

51-l7xpkael__sl500_aa300_.jpegDominique Rippon ist the successfull author of guides touristiques anglophones (touristic guide in english) in France. It concerns good adress to sleep and to taste local products in Burgundy, Alsace, Champagne and Loire, and of course the best wines. In the area of Colmar,  he recommends to go from Kaysersberg to Turkheim by foot by stopping at some places, one of which is in Katzenthal at Klur wine-estate. " Ce serait dommage de ne pas visiter le domaine de Clément Klur, 105 rue des Trois Epis. Un vignoble qui produit d'élégants vins en biodynamie et qui accueille parfaitement les visiteurs chez lui. Clément est l'un des vignerons alsaciens les plus charmants lorsqu'il décrit la consommation de vins "comme une des priorité de la vie" ! avec modération bien sûr. Poursuivez vers Nierdermorschwihr..." etc. An inevitable to visit France.


Wine and flavours at Klur

We'd like to wish you a happy Easter and invite you to enjoy the first days of spring to taste all this tasty herbs which you can find in the nature now and which clean your organism at the end of this winter.Think of nettle,  sorrel, dandelion, bear's garlic soon, light herb teas, wood energy.
Yesterday, we were pleased to welcome the family S
chwab, gathered at the Blue House with parents, grantparents, for a a wine tasting, followed with an organic buffet, made by Clarisse Zenner des Oiseaux Rares. If you feel lilke tasting it, or if you are organizing a journey at Klur, click on "More"

tablebouteille.jpgA nice spring table in front of a chimney fire, and an organic buffet, neatly made by Clarisse Zenner, have enjoyed our guests for one morning. The visit of the wine-estate, of the crémant cellar, of the press,  the explications about the grand cru Wineck Schlossberg, the willow-based treatments, and a a few glasses of wine in the middle of the tuns, have wheted the appetite. Season salads, grilled tofu, meatballs, cheese, chutney and conserve from the Oiseaux Rares (rhubarb, nette, bear's garlic...), bread, wine and grape juce, organic of course, and at last, a special desert (being made on the picture) with a marc de gewurztraminer, have enjoyed the family Schwab. The parents seem to be happy !


Wine and organic sweetmeats

A group of winegrowers and friends of winegrowers from Switzerland, next to the lake of Zurich, went on a trip in Alsace. They could taste the flavours and the talent of Clarisse Zenner, les Oiseaux Rares. Share this moment with photos and commentaries... click on "More"...

"Nous tenons à vous remercier encore très chaleureusement pour l'accueil très sympathique sur votre domaine viticole. Tous les participants ont gardé un excellent souvenir de cette visite et plus particulièrement du moment festif autour des préparations de Clarisse. Encore un grand merci. Nous sommes bien rentrés, n'avons eu aucun soucis à la douane et vous souhaitons beaucoup de succès pour la saison à venir " 

"We want to thank you for the nice welcome, all the participant have a nice souvenir, and particulary they won't forget the Clarisse's preparation...."
The photo report:
Les "Zenner sisters" are bustling about preparing the meal, the table is ready, 

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