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Organic and biodynamic farming is not only about vines and wines. Discovering a more global way to do it is the deal of our workshops, tastings and wine adventure offers, have a look at the reports and book one yourselves

The Katz, wine tasting boutique at Vignoble Klur

facebook1You suggested it...why not associate local farmer products proposed during the vines dicovery workshop at a wine tasting? 
Starting from April the 1st and from monday to saturday from 1.30pm to 6pm and up until the 30thof October every year it will be done. To start the place we engage an RED CHAIR operation more info here

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Wines, flavours and music

Unique for companies wishing to join team building activities to a trip in association with the local patrimoine : wine and flavours. Competition was tought but in a playful and group spirit. To wake up the participants’ senses, it all started with some exercises allying respiration, smelling, a discover of the six wines from the Vignoble Klur and six appetizers from les Oiseaux rares. The matter was to guess which were the wines, biofood and edible wild plants on the menu. Results of this friendly competition were unvealed in the round cellar amid the wood barrels  and followed by the incredibly powerful Tenor voice of Vincent Karche who gently invited  the participants to sing “toreador”  by Bizet. What a choir !

pt chant 1 pt chant 2 pt chant 3

The ocean- vineyard with Anariskwa

pt groupe ext 

 An innovative concept by the Tenor Vincent Karche who allies during an easy three hours walk  through the ocean-vineyard the discovering of  three classical lyrics( you will sing along ) stories of vines, trees, energy to awake your five senses. Back at the Vignoble Klur you will appreciate tasting three wines from the.Wineck Schlossberg Grands Crus.  Don’t miss this unique Randolyric Vignoble-Ocean. Vincent Karche offers others original trips like the Voice of the Rhine, of the wolf, and you can subscribe here for 2014

Saint Martin’s delights for our Belgian friends

We were happy to welcome a little group coming from the Ardennes.The country-style buffet,  prepared by the association l’Atre de la vallée. All the ingredients (organic of course) came from local producers and from the association of producers Manger Fermier. Our Belgian guests feasted upon this biofood and it seems they spent a joyful time.

salle repas buffet

New 2013: moonlight serenade

lune pt Walk on the grand cru Wineck Schlossberg hill during the night, feel the  brizze, the temperature changes, smell the vineyards and soils. At the  middle age castle of Wineck, the only one surrounded by vines Puccini,  Verdi and Mozart airs by a professional tenor will give you the final  vibrations before tasting the wines from the area back at the wine cellar.  Only hapening on full moon nights... a very exclusive experience and  perfect gift idea. Détails

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