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Harvest and organic wines in Alsace

katz_alsace.jpgThe general meeting of wine-growers from Alsace has proposed the 27 of september for the wines and after the 5th of october for the grands crus. The harvest for the  crémant d'Alsace has already started this week for some of us, we will do it next week.The chilled nights and the sun of september helped to make the alcohol degrees to increase from 1 to 2 degrees. The high tartaric acidity and dthe correct healthy condition could give a great vintage. But nothing is done yet. We have to stay vigilant, to pay attention on the evolution of each field, pick up the most respectfully possible without damaging the grapes.... the landscape is more and more colored, as you can see on this picture. The grape-picker team is quite complete now. The press also notices an expansion in  organic alsacian wine, as you can see it ithis week-end in the fair  in Obernai, where wine is important. 200 wine-growers, 1437 hectares are organic (almost 10 % of the totality), among them 17 wine-estate with 190 ha in 2009.

Harvest 2009

equipe09.jpgNice grappes, beautiful weather, favorable days, motivated team, the winegrower is happy. This early vintage has kept its promise and any rain or storm didn't give trouble during the last days.  Nights are cool, days are sunny. Everything is here to give a great harvest which looks promising. Now, we have picked up all  pinots, muscats and sylvaner and we are waiting a few days before going on with riesling and gewurztraminer. The fermentation have started slowly, and we will tell you about the juce later. More détails and a retrospective of 2009 in the rest. 


A memorable vintage, with a flowering which has started around May, the 25th, a favorable summer, a wonderfull august month, dry and sunny. The result: a sanitary state which you can see rarely, degrés oechslés much more than the average for this season (in alcohol degree, it gives: 13 for pinot blanc, 14,5 for pinot gris, 12 for muscat and sylvaner).The official date for the harwest time for  AOC Alsace and Grand Cru was on September 2009, the 14th, and we have started on the 14th, 15th and the 16th, and the 21st,22nd,23rd. Now, many of us are doing a little break to let riesling (11,5°today in our vignes) coming slowly. Still a few  photos of this 1st part: wiew on a tank of pinot gris picked up this monday, we celebrated Martine's birthday, grape-picker and hot-air balloon pilot, Elisa was looking after pinot noir when she came back from schoo, Francine had to load the press... all the family has to help....


Vegetal roof on wine-making shed

Whenever the vignes let us alone, we build something... a shelter for the material was missing (for the trailer, tracked vehicle, Fergusson tractor),  we have choosen a structure with a wood fram and a weatherboarding made with spruce from the Vosges which isn't treated. The company Gutzwiller from Oltingue has set it up, they are specialised in wood constructions and the roof has been realised by  Christian Lang (Optigrün process) , already used in 1999 for the vinification-cellar roof . We sow, and later, the flowers...

 gutz2.jpg  gutz1.jpg toiture.jpg

Nettle mixture


Above all we use a mix of copper and sulfer based products to minimize the necessary dose. The nettle mixture is a stimulant of vegetative growth. It is also resistant to mildew and helps control anthropods. The best time to harvest it is at the beginnng of its flowering, but we always have nettles on reserve, used regularly. It gives us fresh nettles during the whole season. 1 kg of fresh nettles for 5 liters of water, boil and leave to infuse for 10 to 20 minutes, dilute until you have 40 liters of product to pulverise per hectare.

Harvest 2009, next step

posson.jpgA vintage with little steps, we harvest 2 days and stop, harvest again and stop etc... the sky is still blue, indian summer in Alsace ! This morning we went to the Wineck-Schlossberg hill to cut the riesling grand cru grappes (13,5° alcohol), tomorrow we will continu with the gewurztraminer and finish this 2009 harvest. In the wine cellar the fermentations are going on very fast, pinot blanc and pinot gris go to finish soon. Below the first picture of the pinot noir from our little "school-vineyard". We press it by feet.. and will give you a detailled report soon. Linda and Doug Posson from Colorado and the  Koch family from Ruederbach joined us for a day. Thank you !.

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