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If you booked a stay at our place, or if you plan to travel to Alsace, use these suggestions to discover the region in a sustainable way. We chose the closest places to ours or reachable by train or bus. We may give you more informations if you stop at the wine cellar for a tasting or stay at Vignoble Klur

Nature Reserve in the Grand Ried


At the forêt de L’Ill Wald  ("forest of the island") discover one of the biggest nature reserves in France that is home to more than 200 species of birds.  On the 23 waterways discover slamander, fish, frogs, and other aquatic life ...  Free and open all year round.  Route de Marckolsheim 67600 Sélestat.

This territory floods a couple of months every year and is an ideal space for the preservation of biodiversity.  Castors are being reintroduced in the area.  In Muttersholtz, La Maison de la Nature organizes guided outings during the year.  You can follow the circuits in place, ‘Mouette’ and ‘Belette’ with panels.  For more details call 0388851130. 

Don't forget to do a gondola ride with the Batelier du Ried, Patrick Understock, who talks about the activities of the Ried.

The house of the natural regional park of the Vosges

La Maison du Parc is the best place to start your adventure in this natural park that covers three departments and four territories.  For the schedules and activities proposed visit the website.  Take the train to Munster or the Navettes des Crêtes, the free shuttle service to get there.        parc_des_vosges.jpg

The museum of vineyards and wine in Alsace


Since we love wine so much, we encourage you to visit the museum to discover the history of wine in Alsace and the methods of wine-making: a cellar, winepresses from the XVII century, as well as exhibitions on professions associated with wine, barrel and glass-making.  Take advantage of being there to visit the brotherhood of St. Etienne, winemakers  located right next to the museum. 

Rendez vous in the Gardens


Another interesting place to visit is the Forêt Magique in Ribeauvillé created and kept by Lucien who welcomes you by appointment throughout the year.  The trunks and branches are sculpted, trimmed, and transformed into living pieces of art (trees are very adaptable).  Call 0389736507 to make your appointment.  Take the train from Colmar to Ribeauvillé.  46, Rue de Landau across from the camping site. 

Water fountains of the Ried

The Ried is the secret part of Alsace between the Rhin and Ill where you can find water fountains of Brunnwasser, small water shoots fed by the water table of Alsace. Don't forget to check out the Donnerlöcher, holes of thunder, deep ponds of water captured by clay and pierced by artesian explosions. These are extremely fragile natural surroundings so please be careful! Rendez vous on the route D212 between Benfeld and Hilsenheim (north of Sélestat). There's an old road (Heidensträssel, path of the pagans) that takes you to some Brunnwassers and Donnerlöchers. There are some great bike paths (Benfeld is accessible by the trainTER, Mulhouse-Strasbourg line). Return to Benfeld, before the fork toward Ehl, to discover the chapelle St Materne (1st apostle of Alsace) and the Donnerloch to which the vikings attributed miraculous powers.Walk along the Brunnwasser or take the canoe, but please be careful...

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