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Les initiatives auxquelles nous adhérons, que nous aimerions partager avec vous. Il est question de vin, de sapins, de baobab, de bouchons, de semences, de producteurs bio et de beaucoup d'autres choses..... et les plus récentes sont twittés ici

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Organic agriculture can feed the world

In a UN report that dates from the 3rd of May, 2007 by the FAO based in Rome called "Organic Agriculture and Food Security" the following extracts appeared: " organic agriculture is not a phenomenon belonging to developped countries. In 2006 it was practiced by 120 countries on 31 millions hectares and represented 40 millions dollars on the market.... The principle characteristics of organic agriculture are that is that it uses local means and methods of production and does not rely on fertilizers produced by burning petroleum: resorting to natural processes reduces costs and helps the land resist to climate change. States should integrate organic agriculture into their national priorities. Models suggest that organic agriculture can satisfy world food demands, just like today's conventional agriculture, but with a much smaller impact on the environment. The UN specialist on world hunger, Jean Ziegler adds " the death of poeple by hunger does not obey the rules of fatality. Behind each victim there is an assasin...The equation is simple: Whoever has money eats quickly. Those who don't suffer, becomes weak, and die."

Organic shopping in Alsace

 Planning a holiday trip to Alsace ? It is very easy to buy organic products in the region. We have selected some adresses for you which we like very much and that are close by. We have much more additional information and addresses upon request. Contact us, for information and to discover organic Alsacian wines, juices, sirops, and more.  If you're looking for organic adresses in all of France use the Hachette Guide: Acheter Bio.

- Goat cheese at ,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , in Lapoutroie
Honey Olivier Gotorbe in Freland, 63 grand rue, tél 0389 719337and  Dominique Ganter also in Fréland tél 0389472028
- Munster cheese, probably the best one, Demeter, from Les Pensées Sauvages in Linthal, tél 0389264013
- Teas, of Jardins de Gaia also an original tea house for tea time in the afternoon, Wittisheim, tél 0388858830
- Beer of Uberach, brown, blond, also one with honey, tél 0388070777
You will find most of them in some organic shops and markets:
- Sonnenblum, rue du Grillenbreit, Colmar
- Unisvers bio, route d'Eguisheim, Ingersheim
- Nature et Santé, zone du Rosenkranz, Houssen, but also the friday market in Turkheim, on thursday in Colmar (marché couvert) on saturday (place St Joseph).

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