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Food and wine pairing in may 2015 at the Klur wine estate bistrot

passifloraLaurent Clémence is an organic caterer in Alsace, passionate by gardening, plantes, flowers, he proposes to accompany the tasting with our spring rare wine and peresonnal fresh creations, inventive and original. Read the following to whet your mouth and book because we only have 25 places

Two rare and unique wines:
- a riesling 1st harvest from a three year old vine, vintage 2014 locality Heiligenbrunn, a blank vintage vinified in pieces of 132 litrers (une feuillette) that we will drill for you on friday the 8th of may at 11am

- a pinot noir harvested in 2013 and left in a 3years barrel. The grappes were stomped on by foot, he is, above all, all in velor and tenderness, to discover absolutely.

Both vintage will be on sale during the weekend until there is none left.

Accompanied by the lunches on friday and saturday between 12am and 2pm : a well garnished plate and a glass of wine or grappe juice. You have the choice between:
- The friday 19 euro / pers.: a veggie foccacia or raw ham accompanied by a salad from the garden
- the saturday 23 euro / pers. : a nettle fleischnacka with its salads or duck breast with wild rose and spaetzlé

A moment of sweetness, if you please, these are the chef's creations with a glass of Gewurz Sec or grappe juice or a red vine herbal tea 6 euro / person

The sunday brunch buffet between 10am and 14pm followed by a wine tasting and cellar visit for those who want 39 euro / person.
- Homemade bread pure sourdough spelled, floral,
- homemade jams and honey
- Spelt blueberry brioche
- farm butter
- nettle and flower goat cheese, barkass, munster, comté
- lentil terrine, nettle tartare, falafel,
- buckwheat pancake, marigold flower, wild rose madeleine
- homemade smoked truit, chicken neam, chicken tandory sticks, wild herbes omelet
- fruit salad verrine
- coffee, tea, herbal tea, crémant, fruit juice
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