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Guilt Free wine tasting with kids

The Jenkins Family travelled to Katzenthal and reported in Huffingtonpost. "Well, it was pretty clear that to make my fantasy a reality I'd have to go abroad. So when we were invited to visit friends in France, I started planning a road trip that would take us through the famous Alsace region. Ideally, I want to stay in that little cottage at the vineyard and learn a little bit about what makes the region and its grapes so special. I found that place in Katzenthal through Vacations Abroad. The cottage was owned by the vignoble Klur, who was happy to share the winemaking process, from caring for the vines and picking the grapes, to pressing the grapes and letting their juices fall into wooden vats hidden in a cave beneath our accommodations. "Here," Monsieur Klur explained in a thick French accent, "winemaking is a family business. We welcome everyone." A small playground and pool kept the kids occupied while we took care of work in the mornings, and then we were off to explore the castle and the vineyards. We even watched glider planes and hot air balloons soar above the stately scenery. And people seemed happy to see the kids. I don't want to feel like I'm a bad mother. And my kids shouldn't feel uncomfortable because they had this experience. I liked the way that the vineyard was more than just a commodity in Europe, but also a way of life. Is it possible to have the same experience here in the U.S.? Maybe. I just haven't found it yet."

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