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Voyou and Gentil, wines of the month

 Evelyne Malnic is wine author and blogger and speaks mostly about organic and biodynamic wines at Plus belle la vigne en BIO

"Clément Klur signs two outstanding cuvée perfect for the coming springtime.

voyou2Voyou de Katz 2011. A charming little devil (Voyou), and it is the white one !
Light yellow colour with silver reflections, the nose reveals the 3 used grappe varieties, specially muscat, also with white flowers, exotic fruits, lemon.
The mouth is supple, fruity, lively with a fresh grapefruit and lemon note. Very elegant wine.
More details: riesling, sylvaner, muscat. Vinestoks older than 35 years. To serve at 8 to 10°C for aperitif, fish tartare, spring salads, mussels. To drink young (within 2 years) to keep the complexity of the taste.

gentilGentil de Katz 2011. A lively lovely (gentil) wine, this is the black cat.
Blend of pinot blanc, pinot gris, gewurztraminer. Brilliant yellow colour, charming nose of yellow fruits, exotic fruits. The mouth is complex, full bodied, fruity with a long final note. Very pleasant. .
More details: pinot blanc, pinot gris,  gewurztraminer. Vinestocks 30 years and more. Serve at  6-8°C. Starters, aperitif, row fish. To dring young to keep the fruit"
Evelyne Malnic

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