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Preparation 501

dsc02484.jpgOr silice de corne (quartz of horn), is complimentary and acts in a polar way to the preparation of bouse de corne (dung of the horn), 500. It does not go on soil, but on the part of the plent above ground during their vegetative period. We sometimes call it a "pulverisation of light" that can favorise the vegetative vigor and give more luxuriance. It brings a light (cristal) quality to the plants and discourages sickness. It is obtained by leaving the crystal of grinded rocks in the soil during the summer until it becomes a fine powder in the horn of a cow. It is conserved in a glass container in the light. We leave it in a wall of calcium stones oriented toward the East. It is applied in the spring after being prepared and in the fall as close to sun-rise as possible. We also apply it after the leaf fall to accentuate the maturity of the wood and favor the migration of reserves in the roots.

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