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Crasy Kougelhopf workshop

kougel1.jpgLast week, 8 "gourmet" were reunited in order to learn to cook the famous alsacian kougelhopf with Clarisse Zenner!! But not any how: at first, everything was organic: yeast, flour, butter... and it was a good occasion to talk about the rising dough, the best temperature, place, day, like the wine fermentation... it was baked in an ancient mould which was used many of times before, and then, Clarisse has brought different unusual ingredients which were used or not, it depended of the desire of each one, chutney have also be baked while the dough was rised, also a wine -tasting...click on  more.

later, with different riesling: from our Katz range, light and fruity for the kougelhopf with lovage, with fresh goat's cheese or with wild garlic, riesling Klur with peper or saffron kougelhopf, and riesling grand cru with the spicy kougelhopf. Anyway, gewurztraminer with a light kougelhopf and a rose chutney to finish this evening ... A few pictures from the kitchen, during the dough work, when we were searching rare herbs or selecting spices. Everybody went at thome with a kougelhopf and a chutney made by himself.  

 kougel2.jpg  kougel4.jpg  kougel3.jpg kougel6.jpg 

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